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Preorder Policy


Our Preorder Policy applies to all preorders which are placed directly with, LLC.  By placing a preorder on our website, you, the Purchaser, agree to all terms and conditions as set forth in the Preorder Policy.   If preordering with an authorized retailer that is independently owned and operated, those preorders are subject to that retailer’s preorder policy.

This policy has an effective date of:  April 14, 2023, LLC offers the ability to preorder all Products after an announcement of the preorder window being opened for a given product.  By placing a preorder, the Purchaser ensures that the exact model(s) desired is reserved for the purchaser when it becomes available from the manufacturer at our Kansas City area warehouse.


Preorders may be placed online at or in-person at +1 (816) 243-0044 inside or outside of North America.

To place a preorder, the purchaser will be required to establish a customer account with and you will have to accept our preorder policy during the checkout process.

By having a customer account established, the purchaser will be able to manage all preorders that have been placed, as well as invoicing totals and delivery status for each preorder placed.  To increase a preorder, customers will need to place a separate preorder, within the open preorder window, preordering requested items and quantities in addition to any items/quantities previously ordered.  


Class One works with our factory to provide as accurate a delivery schedule as possible.  Delivery status of preorders will be reflected on the main website.  On certain occasions, there may be changes to an anticipated delivery status for various reasons of manufacturing delays or improvements, quality concerns, natural disasters, shipping delays or other various events.  As information becomes available to us that affects a change in the delivery and billing status, positively or negatively, we will update our system, and those changes will be reflected on our delivery schedule.

As each product departs the factory for shipment to the Class One warehouse, all associated preorders for incoming product will receive an invoice with instructions on how to remit payment for the order. If the order is not paid in full within 10 days of the invoice, Class One may choose to cancel the order. Class One will attempt to contact the customer before cancelling the order.

When this email is received by the customer, it will provide an opportunity to update any payment information (credit card changes), to provide any shipping address changes (if not already provided), to verify items ordered, to verify quantities ordered and to verify invoicing totals.  

Automated order fulfillment begins once the shipment is received at our warehouse.  If any of the customer information is outdated, especially payment information, the order may be held for a period of up to 10 days.  Class One will attempt to contact the purchaser via email.  If the information is not updated within the 10 day timeframe, the preorder may be subject to cancellation and the product(s) placed into the order waiting list que.


Preorders placed with are a non-binding commitment to purchase a model(s) when it/they become available.  Do not place preorders if there is any possible intention of reducing or cancelling the preorder later.

Class One is acutely aware that life changes will occasionally happen, and that cancellations or order reductions may be necessary under given circumstances beyond the customer’s control.  Thus, we do accept quantity reductions and cancellations of preorders.  

Class One realizes that there are times when these life changes result in financial strains that are in conflict with the ability to procure the limited-run model(s) that have been preordered.  This is why Class One has teamed with to provide an alternative financing option to assist the customer with procuring their preorder.  Click on the Affirm icon on the Class One homepage to further explore this option and to take advantage of this service. Select Affirm as the payment option during the checkout process. – COMING SOON.

If you need to adjust the items and/or quantities in your preorder, please contact us by email at or call (816) 243-0044 inside or outside of North America.  This will provide us the opportunity to sell the model(s) to other customers in our order waiting list que.

When contacting Class One, please provide the following information:

  • Full name (first and last)
  • Complete address with city, state, and postal code
  • Phone Number
  • Email address
  • Your Order Number
  • Quantities ordered, and adjustments to quantities being requested

Class One reviews all cancellations and preorder changes, and if a customer is deemed to exhibit a pattern of continual and excessive cancellations, action may be taken by Class One to cancel all current preorders for the offending customer, and may limit the ability of the customer to place future preorders. 

Class One tracks all preorders by date and time stamp (CST) to produce a preorder que of Products for fulfillment.  In the unlikely event something catastrophic may occur (i.e. shipping container falls off of the transport ship, truck is in traffic accident, etc.) and some or all of the Products become lost or damaged, Class One would fulfill paid preorders by date and time placed with available undamaged Product.  If a scenario such as this were to occur, Class One reserves the right to limit quantities so that as many customers as possible would receive all or a portion of their preorder.


Credit Card

When a preorder is paid using our online checkout system, credit card information is securely stored within the payment system gateway during checkout.  Class One does not have access to any personal credit card information, and this information is never stored within our server system.

Customers choosing to place preorders by phone may do so by calling Class One at (816) 243-0044 inside or outside of North America.  Any credit card information provided to our sales staff will be directly entered into the secure third-party processing system, and will never be retained by Class One.  Customers have the option to associate their credit card information with their customer account. is not responsible for credit card or bank fees associated with automatic credit card billing, including, but not limited to, overdraft and over-the-credit limit.

Customers may update credit card information at any time within the customer’s account page on the Class One website.  


If the customer selects PayPal as the payment method at the time of the order, an e-mail will be generated and sent to the email address associated with the customer account.  By clicking on the PayPal link within the email, the order will be processed and paid through the PayPal system.

If the customer has any concerns about how credit card information is stored within the checkout system gateway on the Class One website, using PayPal is recommended since all credit card information stays with PayPal and is never seen by Class One at any time.

When using a credit card and/or a third-party payment system such as PayPal, the customer should be aware of and agree to any of those providers’ terms and conditions which are separate from, and in addition to, all terms and conditions.



Shipments are a combination of items that will arrive at the Class One warehouse at the same time. An order may have multiple shipments if you purchased items from different runs or differing future product arrivals. In-stock items will always constitute a single shipment.

Shipping preorders to addresses within the contiguous United States

Orders for in-stock items will have the ground shipping charges paid by if the shipment value exceeds $99.  If the in-stock shipment amount is less than $99, the Class One calculated shipping cost for shipping and handling fees will be added to the shipment.

Preorder items will have the ground shipping charges paid by if the preorder shipment value exceeds $99.  If the preorder amount is less than $99, the Class One calculated shipping cost for shipping and handling fees will be added to the shipment.

Each separate shipment is subject to the $99 minimum for free ground shipping qualification.

Shipping preorders to outside of the contiguous United States

The default shipping method for preorders going outside of the contiguous United States is Priority Mail International from the US Postal Service.  Class One receives discounted shipping rates from the US Postal Service and from UPS.  We pass these rate savings on to our customers by charging actual shipping charges plus a minimal handling fee.  Shipping charges do not include taxes, duties, or brokerage fees, if applicable, for international customers.

Since preorders/backorders often arrive at different times, each shipment will be subject to shipping charges.

Please refer to the Class One shipping policy ( for additional details.


Class One’s physical presence is in Missouri and state laws require Class One to collect sales tax on all orders shipping to addresses within the state of Missouri.  Sales tax will be determined by rates in effect at the time of the preorder products arriving at the Class One warehouse.  Shipping charges, stated separately from sales price are not subject to sales taxation.


Preorders will normally ship within 3-5 business days of product arrival and payment confirmation, depending on volume of shipments from the Class One warehouse.  Times of high volume may slightly extend this timing.  All preorders are shipped out in the sequence of payments being received. Prepaid preorders will be shipped prior to standard preorders.

Selecting enhanced shipping methods such as 2-day or 1-day during checkout only affects the number of business days product is in transit.  Enhanced shipping does not move an order to the front of the line for fulfillment.  

Once the order is ready to depart our Kansas City area warehouse, we will e-mail a shipping confirmation with tracking information.  Please allow a few hours for the carrier to update their computer system.

CHANGES AND UPDATES TO PREORDER POLICY reserves the right to modify or change this preorder policy at any time and without prior notification.  All changes and updates to this policy shall be immediately in effect and will govern all policy moving forward from the date of posting to the Preorder Policy section of the website.    New policy changes shall not be enacted retroactive to the posting date.  All preorders placed with Class One prior to a policy change shall be subject to the policy in effect at the time of the preorder placement as registered through the date and time stamp on the preorder.  We encourage all customers to regularly review the Class One Preorder Policy to be familiar with the latest updates prior to placing a preorder.