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Monon 48′ Exterior Post – Equipment Management Pool


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Equipment Management Pool - EMPU 181181$15.99
Equipment Management Pool - EMPU 181533$15.99
Equipment Management Pool - EMPU 882029$15.99
Equipment Management Pool - EMPU 882164$15.99

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Monon 48′ Exterior Post – Equipment Management Pool

Monon 48′ Exterior Post – Equipment Management Pool

detailing the differences

Monon Roof Configuration Version

A unique feature of the Monon design was the roof overhanging the top structural channel at the front end of the container with shortened vertical framing members.  The forward corners of the roof overhang were notched at 45 degrees.  We have modeled the detail that differentiates this container from those of other manufacturers of 48’ exterior post containers.

unsurpassed visual presentation

Sharp And Accurate Paint And Lettering provides accurate paint and lettering taken from photographs of the prototype, and numbering that matches the class numbers for each operator or railroad.  Our containers come with the exterior posts already painted to match the aluminum color of the prototype containers and galvanized coloring for the upper and lower structural channels.

engineering for quality

Accurately Dimensioned

These containers have been accurately reproduced from hand-measured field dimensions of the actual containers, right down to every visible detail. stands for accuracy and we strive to provide that with every model we produce.

realism realized in scale

Accurate scale Door latching Details believes in providing models that accurately depict the prototype equipment.  Keeping that as our core, we are proud to provide highly-detailed cast door locking bars, latching mechanisms, door bumpers and angled bar lifter.

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